Welcome to CommuniG8's Network Monitoring Service

"You cannot manage what you cannot measure"

The current trend towards Virtualisation and Cloud based Hosting creates a number of challenges for Service Users and Hosting Providers. How do Hosting Providers and Service Users verify that the level of service expected and paid for, is actually being delivered? Service Providers reporting on the services they provide themselves, may be open to a conflict of interest. Service Users are often not in a possition to monitor the hosted services they utilise. After all a major reason for using these services in the first place is to reduce complexity. This is where an external, third party, network monitoring service fits. Allowing service users to monitor their services without the need to implement their own network monitoring systems.



CommuniG8 provides a hosted Network Monitoring Service based on Zabbix technology (for full details of Zabbix itself, please click here).

CommuniG8's standard monitoring package provides collection of Server availability data;

  • CPU uiltisation
  • RAM utilisation
  • Disk space utilisation

Alerts for failures or when thresholds being exceeded;

  • E-mail messaging
  • Dedicated Jabber (XMPP) Server
  • Current Server status and historical data is provided via a web site.

To Logon to the Monitoring Service, click here!

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CommuniG8 Limited is an IT Consultancy founded in 2009 by Richard Gate. Specialising in Infrastructures, Technical and Computer Operations Project Management. With almost 30 years experience of IT Systems Management, IT Facilities Management, Project Management, Hosting and Technical Consultancy. Working with both Proprietary and Open Source Projects in environments ranging from Mainframe to Servers to Desktop.